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Services & Pricing

Having had experience as a real estate broker, I understand the need agents have for simplicity. Therefore I have created one simple and straight forward package that fits the needs of all real estate brokers.

My goal is to make this part of your marketing as easy and seamless as possible and to contribute with valuable and proven tools to your overall marketing strategy.  

Real Estate Photo Shoot

Starter package      $250

Includes  15 high quality images

Delivered within  24 hours

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Sky Replacement 

Property Website

Social Media Syndication

Social Media Analytics 

Still Photography Add-Ons

Additional Images $10/image

Larger homes may require more than 15 images to properly showcase the property. You can add to the starter package as many extra images as you need.

Pre-photo shoot arrangement is required.

Twilight Photo Shoot $100

Nothing sells a house faster than that dramatic twilight shot, taken during the blue hour, just after sunset.  This additional package includes up to two exterior images taken during the twilight period with the lights glowing inside. 

Aerial Photography $150

Give a different perspective and dimension to your marketing strategy. Drone photography and videography is a proven marketing tool that helps you sell the house faster and at a higher price. This starter package includes three still aerial images. You have the option to add as many images as your project needs. For more pricing information and options, click here...

Virtual Staging $50/image

Virtual staging is a more affordable alternative if you don't want to spend thousands of dollars monthly in traditional staging.  See more...

Sky replacement $10/image

Homes have to sell rain or shine and Seattle certainly doesn't always give us beautiful, sunny days. This add-on is for those grey, dull days when a blue sky with puffy white clouds is needed to make the image pop. 

Same-day Rush service $50

Need to list the home ASAP?  Not a problem.  If you need your photos rushed, please clearly establish this prior to booking.  Photo shoot must be scheduled before noon of the day photos are needed.

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Marketing tools Add-Ons

Virtual Tour $25/listing

Professionally created Virtual Tour is the best way to showcase the property. It is easily sharable and automatically formats to mobile devices.  And with our new designs, you are sure to make an impression. Click the links to preview.           Classic   |   Dreaming   |   Larger Than Life   

Property Website + Mobile App $25/listing

Want your listing to stand out from the crowd? You can achieve this with an elegant one page website for your listing. The website automatically formats for mobile devices and offers the option to download it as an app on the phone for offline viewing.  See more...

Premium Flyer $25/listing

Make an impact with potential buyers and other agents with beautiful, professionally created flyers.  See more...

Premium Post Card $25/listing

Promote your listing to your targeted neighborhoods with beautiful, professionally created postcards to match the flyers.  See more...

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