Virtual Staging

Staging a home is a valuable and proven marketing practice that helps sell the home faster for your clients. It creates an inviting atmosphere and helps the potential buyer visualize living in the home. Professional staging is very expensive, costing thousands of dollars monthly. A less expensive but equally effective alternative is virtual staging.

Virtual staging is the middle ground option between marketing an empty house and paying thousands of dollars for traditional staging. Virtual staging has the same purpose as traditional staging - to help the buyer visualize how a potential home might look and helps them connect with the property emotionally. There are some unique and inherent benefits to virtual staging. There is no furniture moving in and out of the home and, thus, no risk of damage. However, by far the most important one is the cost. Virtual staging is a fraction of the cost of traditional staging.

Many virtual staging companies offer this service. However, there are two main areas that differentiates the virtual staging I provide from the rest. Real furniture images are used as opposed to computer rendered furniture. This has a very powerful impact on the end result and it is clearly seen in these examples. The second area is pricing. I believe in offering the highest quality service at a competitive price. The cost to virtually stage a room is $50 additional per image.

Nothing makes a home more unattractive to buyers than clutter. Clutter sends the message that the home is not worthy and diminishes its value. Removing clutter or undesired furniture before virtually staging is offered for an additional charge of $20 per image.   

Virtual Decluttering

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